I Want to Smell You

a burlesque of The Beatles' I Want to Tell You
by Deadman Turner

  Here you may download an mp3 file of I Want to Smell You (approx. 3.7 MB) by Deadman Turner.

  This song is an unauthorised, burlesque version of I Want to Tell You (written by George Harrison, and published, originally, by Northern Songs), from the Parlophone album Revolver, by The Beatles.

  This recording is free to download but may not be sold; however, if you really feel compelled to copy it onto a CD or other medium and then sell it to some poor sucker, just ensure that you send a percentage of your ill-gotten gains to Sony/ATV Tunes LLC.

  The words to the song are as follows:

                   I want to smell you,
                   I want to sniff your armpit hair,
                   so, please don't shave, and don't you wash or change your underwear.

                   I want to hear you,
                   I like to listen when you wee;
                   and, by the way, would it be okay to let me see?

                       Let's have a bath and get quite wet;
                       but, first, we'll go and raise a sweat by doing disgusting things.

                   I want to smell you, &c.

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