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Text in HTML of Runyon's last short story, "Death Pays a Social Call"
Text in HTML of Runyon's short story, "Dancing Dan's Christmas"

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Damon Runyon on Broadway.
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From First to Last.
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"Guys and Dolls" and Other Stories.
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Money from Home.
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On Broadway.
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Runyon's Books: a Select Bibliography

The Tents of Trouble. (1911)
Rhymes of the Firing Line. (1912)
Damon Runyon's Blue Plate Special. (1934)
Money from Home. (1935)
More than Somewhat. (1937)
Furthermore. (1938)
Take It Easy. (1938)
My Wife Ethel. (1939)
My Old Man. (1939)
My Wife Ethel. (1939)
My Old Man. (1940 )
The Best of Runyon. (1940)
A Slight Case of Murder. [with Howard Lindsay] (1940)
Damon Runyon Favorites. (1942)
Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker. [with W. Kiernan] (1942 )
Runyon à la Carte. (1944)
The Damon Runyon Omnibus. (1944)
Short Takes. (1946)
In Our Town. (1946)
The Three Wise Guys, and Other Stories. (1946)
Trials and Other Tribulations. (1947)
Poems for Men. (1947)
Runyon First and Last. (1949)
Runyon on Broadway. (1950)
More Guys and Dolls. (1950)
The Turps. (1951)
Damon Runyon from First to Last. (1954)
A Treasury of Damon Runyon. (1958)
The Bloodhounds Of Broadway and Other Stories. (1985)

Runyon's Collected Short Stories: a Complete List

Included in More than Somewhat (1937):
    Breach of Promise
    Romance in the Roaring Forties
    Dream Street Rose
    The Old Doll's House
    Blood Pressure
    Romance in the Roaring Forties
    The Bloodhounds of Broadway
    Tobias the Terrible
    The Snatching of Bookie Bob
    The Lily of St. Pierre
    Hold 'em, Yale!
    "Gentlemen, the King!"
    A Nice Price
    Broadway Financier
    The Brain Goes Home

Included in Furthermore (1938):
    Madame La Gimp
Dancing Dan's Christmas
    Sense of Humour
    Little Miss Marker
    Pick the Winner
    Undertaker Song
    Butch Minds the Baby
    The Hottest Guy in the World
    The Lemon Drop Kid
    What, No Butler?
    The Three Wise Guys
    A Very Honourable Guy
    Princess O'Hara
    Social Error

Included in Take it Easy (1938):
    Tight Shoes
    Lonely Heart
    The Brakeman's Daughter
    Cemetery Bait
    It Comes up Mud
    The Big Umbrella
    For a Pal
    Big Shoulders
    That Ever-Loving Wife of Hymie's
    Neat Strip
    Bred for Battle
    Too Much Pep
    Baseball Hattie
    Situation Wanted
    Two Men Named Collins
    A Piece of Pie
    A Job for the Macarone
    All Horse Players Die Broke

Included in Runyon from First to Last (London, 1954):
  (The First Stories)
    The Defence of Strikerville
    Fat Fallon
    Two Men Named Collins
    As Between Friends
    The Informal Execution of Soupbone Pew
    My Father

  (Stories à la Carte)
    Money from Home (a long short story, or very short novel)
    A Story Goes with It
    Broadway Complex
    So You Won't Talk!
    Dark Dolores
    Delegates at Large
    A Light in France
    Old Em's Kentucky Home
    Johnny One-Eye
    Broadway Incident
    The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown
    The Melancholy Dane
    Little Pinks
    Palm Beach Santa Clause
    The Lacework Kid

  (The Last Stories)
    Blonde Mink
    Big Boy Blues

  (Written in Sickness)
    Why Me?
    The Doctor Knows Best
    No Life
    Good Night
    Sweet Dreams
    Passing the Word Along
    Death Pays a Social Call